Our Team

"ECF Embrace Blue Lantau" aims at recruiting passionate students to assist with various educational activities such as eco-tours, workshops, and exhibitions targeting different groups of people from children, peers, parents and elderly in the community. We have already recruited over ? students as our Environmental Ambassadors from the following local universities or institutions:

Who can Join Us?

Current UG and Associate Degree students

All current undergraduate and associate degree students are welcome to apply


Nature lovers

Nature-loving, appreciate biodiversity and ecology


Committed and willing to help

Fully committed and willing to help us to promote our activities to their peers


Out-going and passionate

Self-initiative, out-going and passionate in sharing your experience with public

Join our Eco-ambassador Program today!

The recruitment will be on-going throughout the year. You can apply through our online application form. We will contact you shortly for more information.


Service award scheme

The service period for Environmental Ambassadors is from 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020. A certificate will be awarded to the ambassadors who have completed at least 20 hours of service to appreciate his/her dedication and contribution.

Gold certificate – 60 hrs or more

​​Silver certificate – between 35 - 59 hrs

Bronze certificate – between 20 - 34 hrs